Bob W. has some tanks too.  A Sherman and a Panther.

Pictures of the tank battle staged in my back yard last summer.  Planning on doing this next summer at the club. Hopefully with more and better scenery pieces.

Equipment: 1/16 scale Henglong tanks w/ IR combat system and airsoft BB cannons.

Objective: Knock over the enemy command post marker (pop can or foam boards) using the airsoft BB cannon while fending off enemy tanks using each tank's onboard IR combat system.

The German's Panzer IV got flipped over and the Tiger 1 threw a track allowing the Russians to win this battle with a T-34 and a captured Jagdpanther.

Lysander recovered by the LCRCC Search & Rescue Kyak! Surprisingly little damage to the aircraft!.

Here is a recent video flimed by drone at the Legacy

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The Lysander lost power on takeoff and crashed in the pond.  That is actually a thin layer of ice on the pond